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The bottom line is you don't have to have a big fancy barn with a classroom! I can make it work almost anywhere!

If you have any concerns, let me know and we'll get it worked out.

And REMEMBER: you get your certification FREE when you host!!!

Hosting an Equine First Aid Course

Provide the HORSES: The horses are a huge part of the class. They can be your own or borrowed from a friend. They need to be calm and patient, and tolerant of being poked and bandaged. There needs to be one horse for every 4 students in the class. So, if we have a class of 20, we'd need 4 horses.

Provide some ADVERTISING:  It can be as much as a full page ad in the local newspaper or as little as a Facebook announcement to your horsey friends. You choose! But, if you have a boarding facility, training barn, or even a trail riding facility, this could be a great way to draw new people to you!

Provide a LOCATION:Any location that includes a way to get out of the elements. This could be your barn, your friend's barn, a local event center, or even a 3-sided shed! It needs to have access to electricity, so a PowerPoint can be set up. And, I'll need a place for people to sit. Don't have enough chairs? Hay or straw bales work just fine!