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First Aid Fundamentals - ages 10 and up
This is a half day fast paced clinic covering the fundamentals of first aid.  Working hands on with the horses, you will learn to take vital signs, recognize pain in the horse, detect colic, and participate in lots of bandaging in realistic scenarios!  All attendees receive a first aid reference booklet.

(this course is NOT a pre-requisite to any other courses.)

Advanced First Aid Class 2017



*Pre-register to attend.

*Health and Emergency First Aid is a Pre-requisite course for the Advanced course.

ADVANCED Remote & Wilderness First Aid
You have no 911.  No one can get to you. You're forever away, you're deep in it and it's just you and your horse.
Join us for a one day highly advanced equine emergency first aid course and learn what to do in the most extreme situations!
All attendees receive a certificate of completion and advanced emergency manual          


First Aid Fundamentals Classes 2016



*Pre-register to attend.

Equine Health and Emergency First Aid Classes 2017


January 28~Centerville, Tn.

February 18~Centerville, Tn.

March 11~Centerville, Tn.

April 2~Centerville, Tn.

May 7~Centerville, Tn.

June 4~Centerville, Tn.

June 10~Pulaski, Tn.
      Host: Kim Carpenter~Leg Up Therapeutic Riding Center

July 2~Centerville, Tn.

July 16~Springhill, Tn.

       Host: Morgan Billings~Promise's Kept Equine Facility

September 17~Centerville, Tn.

October 15~Centerville, Tn.

*Pre-register to attend. Contact me to host your own class and receive your 3 year certification FREE!

Equine Health and Emergency First Aid Course
Our most comprehensive course!  Join us for a one day course covering: what your vet needs to know, conditioning a horse to accept treatment, taking vital signs, dealing with lacerations, punctures, colic, choke, collapse, casting, shock, hoof issues, recognizing pain in the horse and pain source identification, saddle fit for spinal health, injury prevention and so much more!  All attendees receive a certificate of completion and first aid manual
(this course is  recommended to be a pre-requisite to the advanced remote/wilderness first aid course)                             

$149.00 /participant

Because it's not if something happens, but when. Will you be prepared?

Contact me to find out how you can host a class for your area, and receive your 3 year certification FREE!

Every horse owner, of every discipline, of every educational level should take this course. It may save the life of a horse, the horse that may very well be your own.

Equi-First Aid USA is the National organization dedicated to providing exceptional equine first aid courses to help YOU help your horse in any emergency - and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Equi-First Aid USA (and it's sister organization  Equi-Health Canada) have been teaching equine first aid to horse lovers for over a decade.

Learn what it takes to be the first line of defense for your horse.